Following two weeks of negotiations, the Unit 2 Bargaining Team (representing Sessional Faculty and Hourly Rated Music Faculty) has reached an impasse with the employer as a result of a number of outstanding issues including improvements to job security and transparency in hiring, technological support for remote teaching, and reasonable working hours. The University is once again relying on Bill 124 to justify below-inflation wage increases and is refusing to entertain alternatives to wage increases like paid training as a way to keep sessionals from falling further behind.

During a year in which many instructors made exceptional sacrifices of their time, energy and personal expense, not to mention suffering undue stress, transitioning their work to accommodate teaching virtually during the pandemic, how can the university publicly thank instructors for their dedication and courage and yet deny them job protections and fair compensation in their next collective agreement?

Send a message to McMaster that you object to their willingness to exploit contract faculty during this unprecedented pandemic year. Sign the petition that you support the Unit 2 Bargaining Team in their demand for a fairer contract for Sessional Instructors and Hourly-Rated Music Faculty at McMaster.

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