As anyone who has worked as a sessional faculty knows, a lot goes into preparing for the job before you ever collect a pay check. Unpaid pre-contract preparation work for your average sessional instructor may include: Preparing and revising syllabi, unpaid professional research, mandatory health and safety training, possibly technology training, designing and activating your Avenue-To-Learn course page or setting up other syllabus tools. This all before you even get to day one of your contract period let alone your first pay day.
Because wages are capped at a 1% increase due to Bill 124, CUPE 3906’s bargaining team has made PAID TRAINING a priority in this round of bargaining. Paid training would mean sessional faculty get paid an hourly rate for mandatory employee training over and above the contract fee they currently receive for the work they do. At the moment, all mandatory training – even if completed out of the contract period – is considered included and paid for within the contract.
Overwork and heavy workload is one of the biggest issues our members face according to polls we have conducted with sessional faculty. Paid training would at least give sessionals some financial gain within the struggle they face with overwork.