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TEACHING FROM HOME: WHO PAYS? You’re looking at your phone right now. Right? A bill for which you pay, each month. But hold on. Hasn’t that same personal device now become one of your primary instruments for virtual teaching this fall? What about your laptop, headphones, microphone, tablet, stylus, speakers, camera, printer, printer paper, hard drive, wireless backups, cloud storage, router, modem, internet service bill? Software purchases, tech upgrades? Desk, desk chair, and ergonomic desk set-up? Rent on the living space in which you now, “work”? Who pays for all that? Who pays for the technology, office space and supplies needed to carry out your job in the virtual university?
Our Unit 2 bargaining team has addressed the growing need for technology purchases by members of Unit 2, Sessional Instructors and Hourly Rated Music Faculty, by asking a technology fund be created to aid with the demands on the current Professional Development Fund by these technology-related expenses. But the employer has categorically refused. Given the move to online teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members require additional technological support for the tools and resources they need.
It feels especially mean to thank us for all the amazing sacrifices we made transitioning to online learning, time spent learning new skills and retooling traditional courses to teach online, and yet dismiss our needs at bargaining table.