Strike Vote- SGMM and Voting Information

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It has come to our attention that certain settings in both Outlook and Gmail may have caused a recent email communication (dated Friday, Oct. 9) regarding tomorrow’s SGMM and the impending strike vote to be filtered into your spam, promotions, or “other” unfocussed inbox folders. Please check these folders if you have yet to see an email from the sender “CUPE 3906” and with the subject line “PRE-REGISTER for our SGMM…” In any case, we are including much of the content from Friday’s communication below, just to ensure that we reach as many Unit 2 members as possible.


1) Confirmation of your Zoom meeting registration (including the meeting invitation), after you have registered via this link.

2) A voter registration email from Helios Voting, which will be sent to all eligible Unit 2 members on Wednesday. *Note that this will ONLY go to your McMaster email address, so be sure you are checking that (as with the confirmation email from Zoom).*

REMEMBER: A successful strike vote does not mean there will be a strike. It simply authorizes the bargaining team to call a strike should negotiations fail. In other words, a strong “yes” vote puts the Union in the best possible position to secure a good deal without needing to call a strike. This is where the strength of collective bargaining is found!

Special General Membership Meeting:
TOMORROW, October 14 at 2 pm
The Unit 2 bargaining team has reached an impasse in negotiations with the Employer and talks are now headed towards conciliation, with a strike vote being held prior to this next step. We are holding a Special General Membership Meeting TOMORROW (Wednesday, October 14) at 2 pm to outline the key issues at stake and ask that you cast your ballot in favour of a strike mandate. At the SGMM, you can expect updates on bargaining, an explanation of the strike vote and potential next steps, and an overview of voting through Helios.

In order to preserve the security and confidentiality of our SGMM, pre-registration for this meeting will be required. Please note that you must register with your McMaster email address no later than 12pm tomorrow. This is the only way we can confirm that you are a Unit 2 member prior to the meeting. Any registration requests made from non-McMaster email addresses will be denied. Please also allow for a delay as each registration must be approved manually, and remember to check your spam/promotions/”other” folders if you have yet to receive confirmation after a couple of hours.

Register in advance for the SGMM here:–hqTMvGtE2WAk3T18KWmWAwC4HYOlm

Want to know more about the issues in advance of the SGMM? Check out our webpage on KEY ISSUES and our U2 STRIKE VOTE FAQ!

Strike Vote for Unit 2 Members:
via Helios Voting, October 14 at 5 pm – October 16 at 5 pm 

As per our bylaws, we will be conducting a strike vote immediately following the SGMM over a period of 48 hours. If you have worked a Unit 2 contract (either as a Sessional Faculty or Hourly-Rated Music Faculty) at any point during the previous academic year (2019-2020) or the Fall 2020 term, then you are eligible to vote. In order to receive the necessary ballot through Helios Voting, you will need to register using your McMaster email address. Please watch your McMaster inbox for the Helios link to register as a voter. This Helios registration process is separate from the Zoom registration required to attend the SGMM (provided above). * Remember to check your spam/promotions/”other” folders if you have yet to receive your Helios voter registration by 5 pm tomorrow. *