Postdoctoral Fellows Bargaining Update

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Dear Postdoctoral Fellows,
Your bargaining team met with the Employer last week and were aided by a provincially appointed conciliation officer. We’re continuing to make progress toward a renewal collective agreement and believe that a framework is in place for an expanded health and dental benefits plan. Problematically, annual wage increases for all members remains a contentious issue. The employer continues to refuse to provide any additional compensation for existing postdocs earning more than the base rate of pay. While we are seeking increases to the base rate of pay to raise the standard for our lowest paid postdocs, additional compensation for postdocs earning above the base rate remains an important position. We are securing additional bargaining dates with the employer to continue to bargain a strong collective agreement for postdocs.
If you have any questions about the bargaining process, please email or
In solidarity,
Your Postdoc Bargaining Team (Afshin, Aly, Javier, and Nabeel)